Coorparoo State School Parents & Carers Association


Joining the P&C is a great way to get involved in our school community. If you don’t have time to attend meetings, keep an eye our for the P&C News each month, and updates on our Facebook page. You can contact the President and Communications Secretary at

The Entertainment Membership book is filled with plenty of enjoyable activities, yummy treats and exciting restaurants to visit and save $$ all at the same time! Click here to purchase now, and support our fundraising!
Options include: App, delivery of book to your house, or collection of the book from school!

Many Fundraising Events will be postponed or cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 crisis, we will do our best to keep families up to date with any changes. However, you can still support us with the Entertainment Books, which have also expanded to allow more Takaway Options to help the ease in which you can utilise your memberships.

P&C Meetings will continue, but may be online for the forseeable future, stay tuned to our monthly Newsletters & FB page for updates. 6 May 2020

About Us: the P&C is a forum for communication between parents and members of the school staff and local community. It allows parents an opportunity to meet and share information and to become involved in a wide variety of activities aimed at providing a better environment for our children.

We also operate the Uniform Shop and Tuckshop, provide a School Community Liaison Officer, and fundraise to improve facilities and equipment around the School. We have two Sub-committes: Music and Swim Club. We also support our community through our Building and Hardship Funds which you can donate to specifically. To find out more email the P&C above or our SCL officer (Leisa Whybird).

Uniform Shop
Fun Events

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