Welcome to the Coorparoo State School P&C Association

Learn about why we have a P&C association website, what we do, how to get involved and sign up to be a member. We also have links to the latest information on activities the P&C are supporting and a list of upcoming P&C meetings.

The P&C Association provides an official structure that allows parents to get involved at school, to be a part of the community, and to raise funds to support our school.

For a P&C to exist we must have an Executive Committee comprised of some of the parents and carers of children at School. You can find details on this page as well as ways to become involved yourself. We are strongest as a school community when we each give a little.

We pride ourselves on our enjoyable, friendly and relaxed atmosphere of our P&C meetings – after all, the main reason we get involved is because it is fun.

Meetings are held in the school library and by Zoom when it is not. Meetings are open to any interested member of the school community. If you are a member, you will receive notice via email and you can follow us on Facebook for regular updates.

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