P&C Meetings

All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend

Come along and find out more about what the P&C are doing to support CSS…whether that’s fundraising, volunteering, playground upgrades and so much more!

Education is for Improving the lives of other and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.

Marion Wright Edelman

2024 Meeting Dates

13 February | General Meeting

12 March | AGM and General Meeting

14 May | General Meeting

16 July | General Meeting

10 September | General Meeting

12 November | General Meeting

Meeting times are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the school library. Notification of meetings and other events is via our Facebook page, the P&C newsletter, the school website, and the QSchools app.

Meeting Etiquette

Participation in meetings is encouraged. Any new topics you may wish to introduce should be requested for inclusion on the agenda prior to the meeting by emailing the P&C President pandc@coorparooss.eq.edu.au. Although agendas are structured, the process for participating allows for opportunities to contribute.

During a meeting, actions may be recorded against a person, or subcommittee. These may arise out of discussion or conversation and are a particular course of action that is expected to be undertaken. These actions form part of the meeting minutes. Everyone is held to account for the actions associated with them, and previous meeting actions are discussed at the commencement of a meeting.

Motions occur frequently during meetings and usually involve an expenditure of funds or a decision to be made. The process is: someone moves an action, someone else seconds the motion, and discussion is held. Once completed, a vote is held. If the majority agree, the motion passes and the actions associated with the motion are recorded. If it is not passed, the motion is not carried. Voting usually takes place with a show of hands. It is noted that we encourage people to question the motion and not to vote for it if they aren’t comfortable in supporting that decision.

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